Brushy Peak

East Bay Regional Park District
Stored Grains Present: 
Primary Substrate: 
mustard (Brassica spp.)
Secondary Substrate: 
other (note in Comments)

Next to Brush Creek Regional Preserve parking lot, dominated by tall dry woody graminoid (like tall reeds) and broad-leafed weeds (similar to mugwort). The parking lot is at the end of Laughlin Road (See directions/map to Laughlin Road location).

Observations from this Location

Record Observation Date Observer Number of Birds Data Source
Data 2014-04-18 Ryan Byrnes 0 Statewide Survey, 2014 (unpublished)
Data 2011-04-17 Rodd Kelsey 500 Statewide Survey, 2011 (unpublished)
Data 2011-04-16 Randi Logsdon 300 Statewide Survey, 2011 (unpublished)
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