Field Forms for 2017 Statewide Survey

The 2017 Tricolored Blackbird Statewide Survey, unlike previous statewide surveys, utilizes 3 field forms:

1. Cover Sheet and Survey Summary

2. Breeding Locations Survey

3. Occupied Locations.

Each team must have copies of all 3 forms when in the field conducting the survey.

The cover sheet and survey summary form is used to document the survey teams, the weather conditions during the survey, and provides a way to estimate relative survey effort. Each survey team should fill out one of these per survey day.

The breeding locations survey form documents the names and locations of all sites surveyed, whether occupied or unoccupied, the times when sites were surveyed, and provides a way to estimate the suitability of the nesting substrate on the day of the survey. This form consists of 4 pages and 1 form will generally be sufficient for each survey team per survey day.

The occupied locations form documents the specific conditions of each occupied site (active colony) surveyed, including the survey team, the behavior of the birds, and the colony site characteristics. This form should be used for all occupied locations, both new and those known to be previously occupied. You will fill out 1 of these for each occupied site.

TRBL 2017 Statewide Survey Cover Sheet.pdf135.11 KB
TRBL 2017 Statewide Survey Breeding Locations Survey Form.pdf172.98 KB
TRBL 2017 Statewide Survey Occupied Locations Form.pdf107.01 KB