McCoy Basin

City of Fairfield
Stored Grains Present: 
Primary Substrate: 
bull thistle (Cirsium vulgare)
Secondary Substrate: 
lettuce (Lactuca spp.)

Weedy thistle patch on area filled in 2001.

Colony present thereafter along McCoy drainage canal and around Strassberger Detention Basin, just south of model airplane club.

Conditions suitable with limited nesting habitat in 2014.

Observations from this Location

Record Observation Date Observer Number of Birds Data Source
Data 2017-04-08 Robin Leong 0 Statewide Survey, 2017 (unpublished)
Data 2014-04-19 Robin Leong 50 Statewide Survey, 2014 (unpublished)
Data 2011-04-15 Steve Foreman 750 Statewide Survey, 2011 (unpublished)
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