Statewide Survey Training

Participants in the 2017 Tricolored Blackbird Statewide Survey may wish to view the attached file to review tricolored blackbird field identification, natural history, breeding behavior, colony identification, and colony characteristics. This training module also reviews methods to estimate the numbers of birds at occupied sites, the field forms used while conducting the survey, and data entry into the Tricolored Blackbird Portal.

Two in-person training sessions will be offered, one on March 4, 2017 at San Luis National Wildlife Refuge HQ, 7376 Wolfsen Road, Los Banos, with free parking on-site, and the second on March 11, 2017 at U.C. Davis in 2124 Wickson Hall. Parking is available in the Quad Parking Structure for $9. There is a U.C. Davis campus map here:

Both training sessions will be 3 hours, from 10 - 1, and be followed by an optional visit to a nearby breeding colony or aggregation of birds.

Statewide Survey Training abridged March 2017.pdf2.76 MB