Una Lake/Barrel Springs Wetlands

Kingsland LLC
Stored Grains Present: 
Primary Substrate: 
willows (Salix spp.)
Secondary Substrate: 
bulrush or tule (Schoenoplectus spp.)

Una Lake is located east of Sierra Highway, south of Avenue "S", southeast of Palmdale Lake (aka Fin and Feather Club). The Antelope Valley Conservancy has by approved for a grant to preserve this sag pond and wetlands, along the San Andreas Fault. The site is fenced and locked; however, it may be possible to obtain access through the Conservancy with advanced notice. This is a probable breeding location, but cannot be confirmed without direct access. Singing birds in the trees.

Observations from this Location

Record Observation Date Observer Number of Birds Data Source
Data 2011-04-16 Alice Benoit 45 Statewide Survey, 2011 (unpublished)
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