Date of Observation: 
2016-03-18 17:30
Color of Band on Left Tarsus: 
Color of Band on Right Tarsus: 
Not Seen

I observed a female tricolored blackbird with a white band on the left leg. There may have been a red band on the right leg, but I cannot verify that. I watched this flock for about half an hour and saw her four times. It was very hard to see the legs when they were on the ground because of the high grass, but I could see the band when she was on the fence.

She was with a flock of about 50-55 tricolored blackbirds, only 6 males, the remainder females in this flock. They were foraging on BROWN'S VALLEY ROAD, SAN BENITO COUNTY. The flock was on a property with an metal gate: TOBIAS BROWN (ranch with ranch house, barn, etc. No people were present). This area is 98% open grasslands with acres of fiddle neck flowers in bloom. Brown's Valley Road runs mostly east-west, connecting to Santa Anita Road on the east end, and Panoche Valley Road on the west end. This location is 2.4 miles west of the intersection of Brown's Valley and Santa Anita Roads.

In the late 1990's(97,98,99), a small flock of tricolored blackbirds could be found during the TRIC survey periods near the east end of Brown's Valley Road. I never confirmed them nesting at that location.

However, approximately 2000, I found a large (1000 pairs) nesting in a hay field along Highway 25/Panoche Road at the intersection with Brown's Valley Road. I can confirm that that colony was mowed down completely. I saw dead TRICS everywhere. Nothing I could do about it. That piece of land is now in ag row crop production.

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