Bob Barnes
Observation Date: 
Best Estimate for Number of Birds Observed: 
Minimum Estimate for Number of Birds Observed: 
Maximum Estimate for Number of Birds Observed: 
Type of Estimate: 
Visual and Untimed
Precision of Estimate: 
Precise Count
Minutes spent at observation site: 
Distance to Stored Grains: 
100 - 500 meters
Distance to Water: 
water adjacent

Tricolored Blackbird 60 3 females, 57 males. 28 individuals were present at the start of the count. 32 more flew in toward the end of the count. Assuming all males were mated, the colony size would consist of a minimum of 55-60 pairs. Of course, it is possible not all individuals associated with this colony were present on site. Or, it is possible more individuals were present and not visible - especially females. On 21 Apr 12 it was noted that a handful of individuals were along the ag water conveyance ditch on the immediate west side of the entrance road to Kern River Preserve headquarters. Since this portion of the continuous habitat substrate at his site could not be seen from the Stationary Count point, it is possible some to all of these birds were new birds - leading to the 60 pair minimum guess. Substrate: fresh growth of mugwort, stinging nettle, and tall reeds (vs. mugwort and nettle)..