Kathleen Durkin
Observation Date: 
Best Estimate for Number of Birds Observed: 
Minimum Estimate for Number of Birds Observed: 
Maximum Estimate for Number of Birds Observed: 
Type of Estimate: 
Visual and Untimed
Precision of Estimate: 
Scanning Blocks
Minutes spent at observation site: 
Carrying Nest Material: 
Colony quiet, Incubation inferred: 
Adults Carrying Food: 
Fledglings out of Nest: 
Distance to Stored Grains: 
100 - 500 meters
Distance to Water: 
water adjacent

We proceeded east on Sandymush Rd (from Dan Mcnamara Rd - canal bypass) towards Merced National Wildlife Refuge. Several unnamed roads are indicated north and south of Sandymush Rd but all such roads appeared to be private or were NWR areas blocked to public
access with the exception of a clearly marked entrance to a visitor
area and Auto Tour (described in the next section).

We turned south into Merced NWR about midway between Dan McNamara Rd and Lone Tree Rd. There are 3 roads shown on Merced6 map going south into the Merced NWR from Sandymush Rd. We think the entrance is the center of the 3 roads indicated on the Merced6 map. We recommend looking at http://www.fws.gov/sanluis/map.htm
and obtaining the map for the Merced NWR Auto Route. We followed the
Auto Route which seems to include 2 of the 3 roads shown on Merced6 map.

We found a colony! They were easy to spot in their foraging lines.
Followed the foraging lines (and Auto Tour Rd) and spotted the colony just
west of the Auto Tour Rd near some NWR maintenance buildings.
37 10 33.1N 120 37 36.6W
37.175861N 120.626833W
We found a nice mound of dirt from which to observe the colony.

We finished the loop and exited back onto Sandymush Rd. We noted a Dairy just east of Headquarters Rd and south of Sandymush Rd. That dairy
seemed to be the destination of the foraging lines for the above colony.

With Orien Richmond and Partha Nandi. Lat/Long: my device has data in degrees minutes seconds; I used fcc.gov to convert data to digital.

We think this is the same colony that had been reported in prior years at "Merced NWR" and "Merced NWR: East Farmfield".