Bob Barnes
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Visual and Untimed
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Precise Count
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The day before (18 Apr 12) 80 individuals were counted at this colony site - consisting of an even mix of 40 females and 40 males. Perhaps the females weren't detected this next day (19 Apr 12) due to sitting on out of sight nests deep within the stinging nettle patches. Substrate: stinging nettle. Colony size in area: To be determined after nesting season is over. Since a similar size colony of 40-60 pairs was found for several prior years in a row at the KVLI radio station tower c. 0.5 miles to the north yet was absent during a survey this same day (19 Apr 12), it is believed that colony shifted to the Caltrans right of way colony site and this Bob Powers Gateway Preserve colony site for this 2012 nesting season.