Colony Locations (Public)

This table contains publicly-accessible records of locations of tricolored blackbird colonies and aggregations. These may have occurred on either public or private property.

If you have not obtained rights of access to locations on private property, please view colonies from public (e.g., county) roads.

Fields provided are county, accepted name of location, whether the location is a known colony location, geographic coordinates, the confidence in the location coordinates, and the primary and secondary substrates types (the types of vegetation present).

Download Data: Excel Spreadsheet (.xls), Comma Separated Values (.csv)

County Name Colony Latitude Longitude Location Confidence Primary Substrate Secondary Substrate
Contra Costa Windemere Parkway Pond Yes 37.752900 -121.888600 Certain cattails (Typha spp.)
Yolo Winters Sewage East Yes 38.542100 -121.985400 Certain cattails (Typha spp.)
Yolo Woodland Yes 38.677310 -121.765360 Uncertain cattails (Typha spp.) bulrush or tule (Schoenoplectus spp.)
Yolo Woodland Sugar Ponds Yes 38.704000 -121.720000 Uncertain milk thistle (Silybum marianum)
Crook Woodward Marsh Yes 44.369800 -120.926200 Certain cattails (Typha spp.)
Placer Yankee Slough Yes 38.969163 -121.340155 Certain Himalayan blackberry (Rubus armeniacus) bulrush or tule (Schoenoplectus spp.)
Yolo Yolo Bypass II Yes 38.427011 -121.609090 Certain mustard (Brassica spp.) milk thistle (Silybum marianum)
Yolo Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area Yes 38.564600 -121.621200 Certain cattails (Typha spp.) bulrush or tule (Schoenoplectus spp.)
Yolo Yolo Quarry Yes 38.691910 -121.953880 Certain
Tuolumne Yosemite Junction Yes 37.889423 -120.494640 Certain Himalayan blackberry (Rubus armeniacus)
Merced Yosemite Lake Yes 37.368000 -120.435000 Certain other (note in Comments)
Merced Youd Road Yes 37.445600 -120.532700 Certain Himalayan blackberry (Rubus armeniacus)
Fresno Zediker Avenue Yes 36.794400 -119.518000 Certain milk thistle (Silybum marianum)
Fresno Zediker Avenue at Shaw Avenue Yes 36.803220 -119.525300 Certain bulrush or tule (Schoenoplectus spp.)
Sacramento Zinfandel Drive Yes 38.581600 -121.283900 Certain Himalayan blackberry (Rubus armeniacus)