Basin Hollow Creek

Private (cattle ranch)
Stored Grains Present: 
Primary Substrate: 
Himalayan blackberry (Rubus armeniacus)
Secondary Substrate: 
bulrush or tule (Schoenoplectus spp.)

Linearly distributed along Basin Hollow Creek for more than than 0.8 mi (1.3 km), the center of this breeding colony is located on the south side of Whitmore Road, 4.6 miles northeast of the village of Millville, Shasta County, California.

Observations from this Location

Record Observation Date Observer Number of Birds Data Source
Data 2014-04-18 Steve Royce 0 Statewide Survey, 2014 (unpublished)
Data 2011-04-16 William E Haas 2050 Statewide Survey, 2011 (unpublished)
Data 2008-04-27 William E Haas 2000 Statewide Survey, 2008 (unpublished)
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