Current Efforts

Banded Tricolors

Current efforts include:

  • annual field work to detect and monitor (i.e. document the fates of) the largest colonies in the Central Valley to help to prioritize colonies for conservation actions, to estimate the numbers of breeding adults, to estimate the numbers of young produced (i.e. derive an estimate of colony productivity), and to attempt to identify the factors responsible for observed patterns of productivity
  • annual banding of primarily adults birds at several breeding colonies to help to document spatial and temporal movements, estimate life history parameters, and to evaluate patterns of site fidelity
  • education and outreach, including the production and distribution of a brochure to describe the efforts being made on behalf of the tricolored blackbird and to encourage agency field personnel and birders to report observations of banded birds
  • development of this web portal to provide information on the tricolored blackbird and to accumulate, document, and disseminate data on colonies and observations of banded birds and aggregations, both breeding and non-breeding