About this Website

The Tricolored Blackbird Portal provides information on the Tricolored Blackbird (Agelaius tricolor), California's blackbird, a near-endemic California passerine that forms the largest breeding colonies of any North American songbird. We seek to provide a site with content appropriate for the largest audience, with basic natural history and conservation information, access to reports, images and videos, links to tricolors in the news, and summaries of past and current research and monitoring efforts.

This website provides access to 3 databases: the first contains records of locations of breeding colonies, including their geographic coordinates and characteristics, the second contains records of observations of breeding sites, including estimates of numbers of breeding birds at occupied sites, and the third contains records of observations of color-banded birds. We encourage you to use the website to enter records of your observations. The data entered into the databases will be publicly available and shared with national and international data-sharing efforts.

We hope that this website will contribute to an increased awareness of tricolors, California's blackbirds, and to efforts to conserve this most charismatic bird species.