Rockshar Dairy

Stored Grains Present: 
Primary Substrate: 
willows (Salix spp.)
Secondary Substrate: 
stinging nettle (Urtica dioica)

Merced County, 8 miles south of Merced, 6 miles west of Hwy 99
Sandy Mush Rd., 3 miles East of Hwy 59, at intersection of Healy Rd. A single male was in a willow and Cottonwood thicket in a slough, on the north side of the road, opposite a dairy feed lot. Several nests of unknown species were in the willows. In previous years there has been a night heron rookery just 50 yards upstream (east). Several Red-Wings were in the willows as well.

Observations from this Location

Record Observation Date Observer Number of Birds Data Source
Data 2012-04-20 Keiller Kyle 0 County Survey 2012 (Unpublished)
Data 2008-04-26 John Fulton 1 Statewide Survey, 2008 (unpublished)
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