Recent Enhancements to the Portal

Information for the Environment (ICE) staff at the University of California, Davis has recently upgraded the Tricolored Blackbird Portal to facilitate access to data, provide greater data input functionality, and to support the 2011 Statewide Survey and all future statewide surveys. These enhancements include:
  • An improved menu structure that allows easier access to data and facilitates data input
  • Structural changes to the underlying database to accommodate data from multiple statewide surveys
  • Online help files to provide guidance to new Portal users
  • Links to provide data downloads in csv and xls file formats
  • A share button that enables users to recommend the Portal to numerous social networking sites
  • Improvements to the image gallery that make it easier to add photos and digital imagery
  • A link on the Contents Menu to a page for suggestions on where to see tricolors.